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Friday December 11, 2009

Mike DeVries, Jeff Johnson, and Memento Publishing are in the works of a new project they are very excited about! The project is called "Cranial Visions: Exploring the Skull Through Artistic Interpretation". This project is a massive book based on skull related artwork. The artwork can consist of any medium you'd like (a painting, tattoo, sculpture, drawing, digital, etc.), and can be existing or new artwork, all we need is the photo of the piece, no need to send in original art! Not all images will be used, we will select the best out of all submissions we get.. Our goal is to acquire 3000 of the best images of skull related artwork we can for the book. The book will be a 300 page, hard bound, high quality, internationally distributed coffee table book.

We would love to give everyone a free copy that participates, but due to the volume of submissions we cannot guarantee every artist will receive a free book. However, after all the images have been received Mike and I will sit down and pick who we feel the top 50 artists are, and they will receive a free book. This is not a contest, but a cool way to give away some free books.

You can submit as many images as you'd like to. Images can be submitted via email to or sent on disc to...

Attn: Jeff Johnson MD Tattoo Studio 9545 Reseda Blvd. #2 Northridge Ca. 91324

Please send high quality/high resolution images only. Please include the following information with your submission- size of piece, and media used to create the artwork. Image files must be received by June 15  2010. Our vision is to produce a book that can truly be appreciated by anyone, focusing on the skull, an object that has intrigued and inspired artists through the ages. We are also looking for artists from all walks of life so if you know anyone you think would be interested please pass this information along. We would be honored to have you on board for this project. Hope to hear from you soon.

Here is a brief list of contributing artists that have confirmed to be involved-

Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter,Shawn Barber, Bob Tyrrell, Bugs, Aaron Cain, Cory Kruger, Durb Morrison, Kore Flatmo, Kari Barba, Cam De Leon, Roman Abrego, Jon Clue, Jesse Smith, Nathan Kostechko, Craig Driscoll, Chris Blinston, Corey Miller, Steve Morris, Juan Salgado, Alex De Pase, Mike DeVries, Kyle Cotterman, Damon Conklin, Carlos Rojas, Jon Montgomery, Josh Duffy, Dee Dee Seruga, Jeff Ensminger, Bez, Mike Chambers, Sean Herman, Sean Zee, Jeff Johnson, Tom Strom, Nate Beavers and many more!

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