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Cranial Visions

Tuesday July 20, 2010

So the design stage of the new Cranial Visions is underway. After 3 different deadlines, we have finally made this last one the final date. We are no longer accepting submissions but greatly appreciate everyones interest in this project. Thank you to all the artists who have sent their art in! These creations have blown our mind, we've been able to witness the inspiration that skulls have given artists of all kinds. Although there is no set date yet on its release, we are hoping to get it out to the public by the end of the year. The variables in the design of the book are constantly changing, so we wont be able to answer any questions, yet, to whether any specific design has made the final print. As soon as pre orders are available there will be a notification on Mementos' website and We are very excited to see how things turn out for this book, and are very confident it will do every piece involved justice. 

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